Employment Documentation

Ensure that your employment documentation is compliant. Engaged HR provide support and education to companies around Irish employment legislation.

Employment Contracts

Under the Terms of Employment (Information) Acts, 1994 and 2014, employers have an obligation to provide written terms and conditions of employment to all employees. The aim of this is to promote more transparency of employment.

All employees must receive a written statement of terms and conditions of employment within five days of starting employment. This written statement must include core terms of employment for example: how the employee’s pay will be calculated.

The remaining clauses must be given to the employee within 30 days of starting employment.

Noncompliance to this legislation may result in penalties.

Adherence to employment legislation is most important to prevent penalties for non-compliances. The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) can attend workplaces to complete inspections to ensure that employers are compliant with employment legislation. They also have the right to interview employees.

The WRC may inspect employee records focusing on terms and conditions of employment including rates of pay including Sunday and bank holiday premiums, probation periods, work visa requirements, annual leave, or holiday pay entitlements.

Employment Handbooks

The employee handbook goes hand-in-hand with the employment contract. It is an important document / booklet to ensure that employees understand what is expected of them during their employment. It specifies the various internal policies and procedures in the workplace and provides guidance to both the employer and employee on what needs to be done / adhered to when issues arise in the workplace.

Why Outsource Your Employment Documentation To An Independent HR Consultancy?

With the increasing amount of employment legislation in Ireland it can be overwhelming for SMEs to keep on top of employment documentation such as employment contracts and employment handbooks. Engaged HR offer professional advice and guidance to employers to help keep them updated on all employment legislative updates, changes, and requirements and ultimately, ensure that the employee receives the correct information in relation to their terms and conditions of employment in an efficient way.

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