Recruitment & onboarding

Engaged HR support hiring managers to ensure robust recruitment and onboarding procedures are implemented to set new hires up for long-term success.

The application, recruitment and onboarding procedure will have a direct impact on your employer brand and how your organisation is perceived by people.

Training your hiring teams on how to conduct interview processes is most important to ensure fairness and equality.

Engaged HR can provide interview skills training as well as guidance on how best to approach feedback sessions with candidates to ensure that they come away from the recruitment process with the knowledge to make necessary improvements

How An Independent HR Consultancy Can help with Recruitment and Onboarding?

Implementing a professional and robust recruitment and onboarding policy not only gives you the best chance of attracting high-quality candidates to your company but will also help with reducing employee turnover. Engaged HR provide professional advice and guidance to employers to ensure objective recruitment procedures are implemented. We will help you identify, recruit and onboard employees that will become a valuable asset to your company.

How Engaged HR Can Help

Recruitment Support

Objective Procedures

Feedback Templates

Professional Advice

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